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1.Package Included: 1 Clear Toiletry Bag +4 Plastic Travel Bottle (10*3cm,17g,30ml+ 9*3cm,15g,30ml+ 8*2cm,9g,15ml+ 4*2cm,8g)  +1 Silicon Travel Bottle (10*2.5cm,8g,48ml)

2.Easy to Transfer:  A pipette , funnel and mini spatula are included in the kit, allowing you to transfer your liquids, lotions, gels and creams into the bottles and jars with great ease. 3.Convenient: Take it with you and go travel! Suit for every situation, swimming pool, trip, visit your friends, hotel and so on. Being packed with a zippered clear toiletry bag, easy to carry. 4.Great Design:  The bottles are definitely leak proof. Don't be worry your cosmetic or lotions will spill out. Besides, they are lovely and good-looking.

Travel Kit Set

SKU: 05010880
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